I am Adrianna Costello, and October of 2019 marks TWENTY-THREE years teaching The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth classes! I can hardly believe that a thing I never imagined doing became my life's work and passion. I have four Bradley® babies of my own: Caleb, born February 1994 in a hospital with a wonderful OB, and Anna Claudia, born December 1995 in the same hospital with the same OB. I gave birth to my third child, Leo, in May 2005, at home with two fabulous midwives in attendance. My fourth baby, Phoebe, was born at home in August 2009.  This last baby of mine was born in the water into my own hands (with my midwives standing by)-- such a breathtaking experience!

I am honored as a Bradley® birth educator to be a small part of such an amazing event in your life; to be able to participate as you discover the incredible power inherent in birth and in yourself as a birth-giver is such a privilege! 

I hope to be a mentor and guide to you and your partner; to remind you that birth is a healthy, normal part of a woman's life cycle; a profound rite of passage for women & their partners. Pregnant people are not sick. Pregnancy is not a condition or disability that needs curing. Women deliver babies, not doctors or midwives.  Pain can be an inevitable part of childbirth, but pain does not need to equal suffering.  I want you to leave my class prepared for whatever comes your way; ready for a powerful, intense, amazing birth experience.

From 2008-2017, I was a Certified Birth Assistant. I received my training at The Farm, in Summertown, TN, where I was privileged to learn at the feet of Ina May Gaskin herself, as well as several other amazing midwives there. I began my birth assistant career working with The Birth Center in Murray, UT, and then at Wasatch Midwifery & Wellness, where I assisted Adrienne Brown, CPM at birth center and home births. I performed clinical duties and provided labor support for birthing people. For health reasons, I no longer attend births, but supervise the Birth Assistant program at WMW.

A little about me: I am the eldest of seven children, raised in Orem, Utah. When I was 10 & 12 years old, respectively,  I was present at the midwife-attended births of my sisters (babies 6 & 7 for my parents) at the small community hospital in Orem. It seems to have had an impact on me, as nearly all of my adult life has been spent involved in  birth work.

I graduated from the University of Utah in 2002 with a degree in Behavioral Science and Health, and a minor in Anthropology.

In August 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer (yeah, huge bummer). Throughout my treatment for cancer, I have never stopped teaching The Bradley Method® classes, missing only one class after surgery. I am so grateful that I tolerated chemotherapy so well that I could continue teaching. As I continue dealing with this cancer adventure, teaching provides me a sense of normality; keeps me grounded in my regular routine, makes me feel useful, and allows me to continue meeting the wonderful people who take my classes, who, in turn, are a source of support for me. Also, The Huntsman Cancer Institute is a spectacular place of healing!