“Adrianna, I am so thankful that we had you as our Bradley instructor all those years ago (my girls are 14/12 & 9), and that you were part of such a great support system that set & support the tone for our parenting. Or, as I call it, parenting from the heart.” ~JBS

“Your class really prepared us to make the right decisions during labor. I hear people describe their c-section as terrifying, scary, confusing and they felt out of control. I feel so bad for those people. Your class gave me enough knowledge to not feel scared nor out of control. Therefore, I was able to be present and accepting of the whole situation. It wasn’t until baby J was about 12 hours old that it hit me that I had a c-section and I felt devastated. But, what comforts me is that I knew from your class how to prevent having a c-section therefore, I knew I did all I could possibly do to have a vaginal birth and I am part of that 10% of the population that had a necessary c-section. Thank you!” ~LN, on her first birth, a cesarean

“I will say – compared to my other deliveries – while they were still amazing and special, nothing was quite like this, and the bond you often talked about in class was very much more intense for me. Not just the bond between baby and I, but also the bond between R and I. Going through something that physical, relying so much on R – it was a very special experience that is hard to put words to. (Giving birth) was the most intense and hardest thing I have ever done. I am so happy I took the class, or I couldn’t have done it. I was able to give baby M his first bath with R, which I never could do with the other boys because I was still recovering from the epidural and couldn’t stand up on my own. Just being able to get out of bed to use the bathroom whenever I needed was wonderful. I was only at the hospital for that day – and was able to be at home by the next day. I relied so much on what you taught us, what I read in the book, and what I practiced all these months for. I relied SO MUCH on R and his help. It was an overwhelming, amazing, exhausting and the most rewarding experience I have ever had.” ~ET

“…your class transformed us! Too bad (baby) didn’t let us use any of it.. he was in too much of a hurry. But we were prepared, anyway!” ~CM

"The Bradley classes were so beneficial for both me and my husband. They removed so much fear and anxiety for me, and I felt very prepared. My natural birth experience was amazing." ~SM, about her 3rd birth